2 new song

I’ve uploaded two new songs yesterday and today.

“confession” and “maybe i’m gone”

Check them.

my way home

1st アルバム “silent”から最後のミュージックビデオを公開しました。

I uploaded new Music Video “my way home” from 1st Album “silent” on YouTube.

My Pain Official MV

1st アルバム「silent」から「my pain」のMusic Videoが完成しました

“my pain” from 1st album “silent” is uploaded on YouTube.

New song

新曲「hollow」をsoundcloud および eggs にて公開しました。

また、新たに silent のMusic Videoが完成しました。

i uploaded a new song “hollow” on soundcloud and eggs.

also did new Music Video “silent” from my 1st Album

Music Video

1st Album “silent” の Music Video が完成しました。

現在は “apocalypse” “alone”のみですが随時公開していく予定です。

i uploaded two music videos from 1st album “silent”.

i’m gonna upload more videos as soon as completed.

Hello Friends



i moved my website from a new server and renew it.

thank you.