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back again

1st Single “Back Again”

Recorded songs

Back Again

“Nightmare that you don’t want to leave”

This song is an origin of invisible

1st Album “silent”

Recorded songs

  1. apocalypse
  2. alone
  3. silent
  4. my pain
  5. my way home

“The silent and chaotic world by invisible”

2nd Single “windmill”

Recorded songs


“Landscape with windmill”

2nd Album “I’m fragile, no?”

Recorded songs

  1. forever
  2. confession
  3. a few words
  4. calling
  5. ashiato
  6. before the storm
  7. hide-and-seek
  8. maybe I’m gone
  9. unless it rains
  10. I’m fragile

3rd Single “empty in my brain”

Recorded Song

empty in my brain